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A Decentralized Locked Liquidity Marketplace.
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A New Way to Exchange Value in DeFi

Use DROPS to buy,sell, and trade locked liquidity through our peer to peer decentralized marketplace. Or, use ETH for a fee.
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Invest Today,
Secure Tomorrow

Realize guaranteed profits by buying locked liquidity at a reduced rate. Flip locked assets to accelerate returns.
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Autonomously sell your locked assets. Create a listing, choose your price and let us find the buyer.
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Ensuring Trust Through Decentralization

A Marketplace you Can Trust

Your safety is our top priority. Drops’ security measures mitigate risks by blocking listings with functions and supply distributions which could be used maliciously.

An Open Source Framework

We value transparency. Our open source & audited smart contracts are easily viewable by anyone, both on-chain and through our online repositories.

Earning With DROPS

Benefit from our marketplace in multiple ways. DROPS is bought off the market and distributed as rewards using fees associated with platform use.

Become a Pillar of the Ecosystem

Get rewarded for the stability you bring to the marketplace by adding and staking LP, or by staking DROPS. All rewards are received in market-bought DROPS.

Earn on Every Transaction

Users buy & sell DROPS when trading through our marketplace, allowing you to earn on token trading fees. ETH brokerage fees are also shared.

Tiered Earnings

Join one of our three tiers to start earning DROPS today. 80% of market-bought DROPS are shared with pool contributors, the other 20% are burned forever.
Access Requirement


Total Tier Share of Earnings
Access Requirement

50,000 DROPS

Total Tier Share of Earnings
Access Requirement

DROPS Any Amount

Total Tier Share of Earnings